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Chapter 7 I Sick and Perverted.
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 30 March 2019 18:34
Chapter 7 I sick and perverted. Yan Ye laoshi suddenly looked at me with a sharp look, and then spoke seriously. "How is the wound on your neck?" I gently touched the wound on my neck, and there was a layer of faint blood. Her blood is light, if it's not a wet touch at the tip of my finger, I can't even see the blood stain on my hand. Also, you teacher can pay attention. But now,... [Read more]
Chapter 6 Sick's girlfriend wants to meet sick's sister? I was hesitant, and finally decided to tell my teacher about my sister's story. "Actually, I ... just now, the reason I thought about my sister ..." When I said it doubtfully, Ye's laoshi body suddenly trembled. Seeing the great reaction from Ye laoshi, I didn't dare to keep saying it. Because…… I am now, a little worri... [Read more]
Chapter 5 is Really Terrible
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 30 March 2019 01:11
Chapter 5 is really terrible My head is pressed on the back of the steel wire, my teacher is using her own cool tone to ask me. "Then why do you think of her when you kiss?” Although the tone of YanYe Laoshi at this time looks very calm, but I can feel her calm anger. Because ... …… Her white slender left hand appeared in the gap between the two of us, and easily break through... [Read more]
-Chapter 3 & 4- “Then...” Yanye laoshi pointed at the door of the rooftop. “Why was the door locked?” I suddenly realised a lot of things. The loud noise when Yanye laoshi entered the rooftop was probably her forcing open the door by kicking it. I also realised that Yanye laoshi did not buy the excuse of us discussing studies on top of the rooftop due to the rooftop door locked... [Read more]
Chapter 2 - What is my fault if you are sick?
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 30 December 2018 09:31
Note: Someone translated this and posted it on the Random TLs blog comment, so I posted it here. -Chapter 2- What is my fault if you are sick? Yanye laoshi smiled gently at me, giving me a sense of de ja vu. “What were you guys discussing earlier?” The same gentle smile Sikong Lianshan had a few seconds ago reappeared on Yanye laoshi’s face. “It was about our studies.” Bec... [Read more]