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Phil Chapter 2 Smell of perfume
Posted by Baka no Aoi at 01 April 2019 08:45
Category: Phil

Smell of perfume

Phil running among the trees happily.
Phil who beat Wyvern was running in the mountains to recover Wyvern.

Although recovery was difficult because it was blown away far more than I thought, it is not a pleasure to get fresh Wyvern liver and meat.

Phil's grandfather, Zandolph was a sorceress among the sorcerers, a great sage who was called a sage among the sage, but the body that was originally lost for a few months of being sick is now like a dead tree.

Phil used to care for ji-chan every day, but one day yesterday, she finally did not wake up all day. Yesterday, I regained consciousness, but ji-chan just said something stupid.

"I'll die now, be prepared for it" and repeat it over and over again.

"Okay, ji-chan won't die.. If you die you will become an immortal king. I always told you."

"Well, yes.. The eagle wanted to become the immortal king. But you still have to disappear for a while from before"

"How long is it going to disappear? How long is the moon filling up?"

"That is one month. Well, the mountain life like ours does not make sense of calendar .... As always, you have no common sense more than that. Did you make a mistake in how to grow ... "

ji-chan was laughing at his own selfishness, but that is the case.

ji-chan taught me only magic from a young age, asking Phil to reach the truth of sorcery. I wanted you to peek at the sorcery depths that you could not even see yourself.

After that, I learned the concept of day of the week from ji-chan, but Phil still didn't feel it yet. Even though I heard that ji-chan is approaching death, I did not think that ji-chan would die. I did not think that I left myself and would go to a place called Heaven alone.

Zandolph, who lives with his granddaughter Phil, lives in the mountains.
In the daytime we learn magic in two people, and at night we see stars while bathing in a bath of a rock cauldron.
Such a life should last for a lifetime.
Phil confidently climbs the mountain, but finds it.
No, I feel a certain smell.

"... *sniff sniff*, I have a strange smell."

The olfactory sense from the nephew is a parody, and Phil who is being slammed.
The odor of foreign matter is immediately sniffed off.

In this mountain, only ji-chan and Phil live and there has never been such a smell.

"... No, I used to smell before"

A long time ago, there was a time when ji-chan was happy to go down the mountain.

I went out at night and had come back many times with the smell of boiling down the flowers coming in the morning.

There was also a lip mark on the cheek.

I have asked what I'm doing, but ji-chan did not tell me anything, "It's too early for you". However, one day, I have given you a strange small bottle saying "You're about it, let's do this".

It was a small bottle that smelled the same as the smell that ji-chan attached at night.
Smell of concentrated flowers.

It smells good, but it's too tight for a good nose, so I never put it. If you go home now, you should be sleeping somewhere in the treasure chest.

The smell of the flower tickles the nasal cavity, but where does this smell come from?.
*sniff sniff* I'm sure, but the smell has drifted from the mountain path.
It's a mountain path created by Phil and ji-chan.

Phil does not use much because it can move faster than monkeys, but it seems rare that people such as travelers may get lost. Unfortunately, Phil has never seen it.

There is a village in the fort, but Phil has never been there.

One day I went to a place called a village where people live, or a place called a town, and I wanted to observe humans, but now it may be possible to go to a mountain path.

Phil who thought so headed over there.
I did not forget to deliver Wyvern's liver to ji-chan.

Wyvern's liver is still moving in the sack. It will not be a problem to go back for about an hour.

Besides, if it was really a traveler to be on the mountain path, Phil had a duty to check it.

Ji-chan used to be the guardian of this mountain until he fell ill, but Phil is now confident that she is his grandchild, who she has inherited.

If the traveler is a malicious party, Phil has to fail.
It may be a hunter aiming at the right hand of the friend Okuma.

Poacher who aims at jewelry of carbancle.
Or you may be a thief aiming for your treasure.

Worst, it might be the people who aim at the life of ji-chan. ji-chan is the strongest but now he is lying sick. If you aim, now is your chance.

If ji-chan dies, Phil will cry like when she hit the tip of her little finger on a rock.

I could only imagine it.
So I decided to go check the travelers on the mountain road.
If you are a bad guy, get a little painful.
In particular, I will beat you to the point where I will not die.
I'm about to cry.
Phil is allies to justice even though she looks like this. I do not remember hesitation to exercise that power.

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01 April 2019 18:47
Wow so um... this is kind of unreadable. You can get someone to edit it or go over it again yourself but as it is it’s incredably hard if not impossible to read.
01 April 2019 22:33
It is nice that you picked it up but ehm please read it over and edit it to a more readable state. Still Thank you very much.
04 April 2019 10:37
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