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Chapter 5 is Really Terrible
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 30 March 2019 01:11
Chapter 5 is really terrible My head is pressed on the back of the steel wire, my teacher is using her own cool tone to ask me. "Then why do you think of her when you kiss?” Although the tone of YanYe Laoshi at this time looks very calm, but I can feel her calm anger. Because ... …… Her white slender left hand appeared in the gap between the two of us, and easily break through... [Read more]
Arc 5 Chapter 1 - What You Get From Thugs and Scissors Depends on How You Use Them 15th, month 3, 1,547 CC This is a vast meadow in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Friedonia. There is a wide road that crosses the grassland with that beautiful view, and on each side of the road there are devastating trees from the Protector God Forest which are planted in a certain distance. Thi... [Read more]
Adventure of Claire Chapter 7
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 02 January 2019 07:06
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Chapter 7 - Registration ~ Adventure of Claire
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 02 January 2019 06:58
"I understand. I will submit the document later, so you will register for the search, so please fill in this form." The area offers two pieces of paper. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Registration form Name Age Level Use of skills Special Weapons ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... [Read more]
Arc 5 - Naden Delal
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 31 December 2018 12:14
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