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Arc 5 Chapter 1 - What You Get From Thugs and Scissors Depends on How You Use Them 15th, month 3, 1,547 CC This is a vast meadow in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Friedonia. There is a wide road that crosses the grassland with that beautiful view, and on each side of the road there are devastating trees from the Protector God Forest which are planted in a certain distance. Thi... [Read more]
imgArc 5 Prologue - Naden Delal If you look at this map of the world, there is a continent in the form of diamonds, Landia, and several small islands of various sizes. In the central part of the continent, which is referred to as the Continent Center, there are 3000-meter class mountains that form the Star Dragon Mountains. It was a place where dragons lived, gathered around the sacred an... [Read more]
The next day… Even though I was still thinking about the incident last night, I worked as usual in the government affairs office when the exhausted Prime Minister Hakuya entered the office. "What's wrong?" "You look very tired." Hakuya walked over, and then said to me with a tortured look, "Your Majesty ... Can I ask you to leave the palace for a while?" "… Hah?" Get away from t... [Read more]
imgEdited. Chabge log: • Ginya → Genia. • Dragon Master → Mother Dragon. 1st, 4th month, year 1,547 CC It was the day after the Lunaria Religion Spring Welcome Festival. Yesterday's Spring Welcoming Festival was very lively, so the capital was busy cleaning up today. I spent this day in the government affairs office, staring at a piece of paper in my hand. Liscia, who ha... [Read more]