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Chapter 8 Slaves and Town Walks
Posted by Baka no Aoi at 09 April 2019 22:39
Category: Adventure of Claire

"... Goshujin-sama is already too strong."
On the bed, Meirin complained to Claire while breathing roughly. However, that expression did not seem to attack.
"I'm sorry ... Meirin is too cute. I'm relieved, because I haven't taken it for the first time."
"Does Goshujin-sama like women?"
"... Yes, that is true. I said that I was dead and came to this world, but before that I did not live as a human. It was a life that was treated by others as if it were something."
Claire spoke little by little. Meirin listened calmly without opening her mouth.
"But even so, there is a woman who reaches out to me alone. There are people who come close to me even though I might be the enemy of everyone, maybe they might be enemies together ... Because I am helped by that person, I can live without ignoring hope, I can hold back how painful it is, a few moments after that, I like that person. "
"How are you doing, Goshujin-sama."
"That person was killed. Because she protects me. Then I'm depressed. I don't cry for anything. No, I can't cry. I don't laugh at anything. I can't laugh. Because I think that I don't have that qualification. However, I came to this world from the dead and met you, I could not say it well, I wondered if there was something in me that exploded. In this world, I would be happy to see that person. "
That's right, I use words ...
"I think it's a good thing to remember. Goshujin-sama."
"What you say. You are in happiness, so don't say something like someone else's."
I put my hand on Meirin's chin, and did what was called "kabedon" and turned her face towards me. But her expression is not bright.
"What's wrong? Have a dark face"
"Goshujin-sama, I can't be happy. Next time, can you hear my background?"
Meirin started talking in a monotonous voice.

Meirin is a normal girl who lives in certain elf settlements. She had a nice day in the village. As a family of four with father, mother and sister. However, in the year of harvest the elf village experienced a bad harvest. Because of this, the villagers were starving and could not even pay taxes. Therefore, the village head sold the villagers as a single slave, the price of buying food, preventing starvation in the village, and paying taxes. And that was the elected Meirin. The villagers agree, even though they don't float, because they are girls this year, well designed, and expensive just because they are elf.
And her family also opposed it at first, but eventually followed that policy. It was accepted that if the village would still survive depending on Meirin.
"Sorry, Meirin. I will not waste your sacrifice. I will try to find you and buy you back."
"It's okay ... father. If this village can survive with me. Father, Mother, Reelin, please do it."
Meirin, say goodbye and ride the horse carriage. The train departed and soon the village was invisible.
Life in the slave trader was simple but not bitter. It wasn't too bad, and Meirin had a high price and was never bought.
(Father, mother, Reelin, I'm fine. So everyone is healthy.)
In the life of the slave, Meirin prayed for the welfare of her family.
But suddenly it turned into despair.
"Meirin, I have to tell you one thing."
"What's wrong, Oyakata-sama?"
The slave master, the master who bought Meirin from the village, had come to the front of the prison holding Meirin.
"Your village has been destroyed. Apparently, the village was attacked by bandits. This is a rumor that there are no survivors, but maybe there are some of them kidnapped. I think it's good to tell you."
The story of the slave is not in her ear from the middle of the story.
(Everyone dies? Why? They know that there is money from selling me?)
Negative emotions spin in her head. Then she always has a dark view. The leader of slavery decided to move her to another city. If the environment changes, it looks like something will change.
And she was helped in a place where thieves attacked in the forest.

"Because I'm a village destroyed. If I oppose and harvest wild animals, wild vegetables etc., this might not happen."
listening to Meirin's monologue, Claire sighed and hugged her.
"What are you saying, Meirin. You're not bad. The bad is the bandits who attack the village. You won't feel stubborn. Because you offered your body to save the village. You will be praised, but not blamed."
Saying so, I gave up my strength in the hand to embrace her. Meirin hugged and cried at Claire. Claire hugged her body until she stopped crying.
"Sorry, Goshujin-sama. I showed you something inappropriate."
After a while, Meirin calmed down and apologized to Claire, with red eyes.
"Don't worry. Well, let's go to this city. I also have to do something with you. And from now on, we have to decide what to do. Well, let's go."
I went to the city with Meirin.
It was the weapons shop Claire visited that went to town. The clerk spoke to her when she entered the shop.
"Welcome, customer. What are you looking for today?"
"Today I came to see the dagger used by this child. Is there something good?"
The clerk brought me a few daggers for Claire's question. Claire tried to identify the dagger.

Iron dagger
Dagger made of iron. Exploration seekers like to use it.
AT +30
500 lux
Wooden dagger
Dagger cuts from a hard tree. Exploration seekers like to use it.
AT +30
400 lux
Edge of fire
Dagger with fire attributes.
AT +50
+30 flame attribute
1000 lux
Edge of aqua
Dagger with water attributes
AT +50
Water attribute +30
1000 lux
"Meirin-san, how about that?"
Claire advised Meirin to choose. Meirin has confirmed the feeling by choosing one by one and swinging it ... And after checking for a while, she shows what she chose.

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