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Chapter 7 I sick and perverted.

Yan Ye laoshi suddenly looked at me with a sharp look, and then spoke seriously.

"How is the wound on your neck?"

I gently touched the wound on my neck, and there was a layer of faint blood.

Her blood is light, if it's not a wet touch at the tip of my finger, I can't even see the blood stain on my hand.

Also, you teacher can pay attention.

But now, what should I do?

Uh ...

If you lie, you will be found out.

I can't express the truth.

"This is a weapon to leave a wound. If it's not wrong, it must be ... a sharp knife?"

Yan Ye laoshi looked at my white neck and said that sentence.

I was so scared that I immediately wiped my neck, panicked and backed away, and my body retreated behind the barbed wire fence.

"Shut up, what's your business?" Because of the nervous and faint face, it made my words look more embarrassed, rather than immediately refusing to answer Ye laoshi's question.

"It turns out you still have a hobby like this!" Yan Ye laoshi suddenly looked at me with a strange look, and then said with emotion.


What hobbies?

I tilted my head without thinking.

Suddenly I remembered my hand touching the wound.

Is that ...

"Wait, how can I ..."

"What about the wound on your neck?"

Ling Shan!

You wait for me!

Next time I will certainly take a good 'reward' for your 'gift'.

It's all your fault. I've become a strange person in the eyes of Yan Ye laoshi.


I will certainly 'repay' you.

I was still thinking about retribution to Ling shan, and Yan Ye laoshi once again kindly reminded me.

"It's too dangerous to do this kind of thing on your neck. Next time you can try it on your arm, if ..." The teacher said like that, my lover looked across the place, and her face turned red. "If you want it next time, I can help you."

After that, Yan Ye laoshi tried to hide her embarrassed face between **.

Even though Yan Ye laoshi's words really touched me, that action made me very jealous, but ...

I really don't have a hobby like that.

huhuhu ...

And it can't be explained to Ye laoshi.

My fragile little heart.

huhuhu ...

"Yan Ye laoshi, we ..." I can't smile, but now I just want to leave this sad roof early with the teacher.

"Not here!" Yan Ye laoshi saw a panic expression that rarely happened in the chest, and then added with shame. "Even if you want to be here, you have to wait until night."

what do you think?

Are you still a mature and charming female teacher?

But ...

Yan Ye laoshi's statement ...

It seems very mature and charming.

If so, how about staying on campus tonight?

"Hehe ... hehe ..." I thought about things after I lived on campus, and I couldn't help giggling.

Looking at the 'hunger and thirst' of me, Yan Ye laoshi's panic expression was actually a little worse.


Without warning, I received the judo technique from Yan Ye laoshi and in an instant I was lying on the ground.

I even heard the strong wind that Yan Ye was passing right now.

"I don't want to be stained !!" I looked up, I didn't see Yan Ye laoshi's shy expression, but I could hear a little embarrassment from her soft voice.

But you're the one who defiled it first, right?


No, I'm going to fight back.

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