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Chapter 6 Sick's girlfriend wants to meet sick's sister?

I was hesitant, and finally decided to tell my teacher about my sister's story.

"Actually, I ... just now, the reason I thought about my sister ..."

When I said it doubtfully, Ye's laoshi body suddenly trembled.

Seeing the great reaction from Ye laoshi, I didn't dare to keep saying it.


I am now, a little worried, after I have finished speaking.

She will kill my sister with a knife!

No, she should be able to kill my weak sister without a knife.

Oh ...


What should be done, or don't say?

Forget it, I won't say it.

"Yes, what is that?" The calm words from Ye laoshi disturbed our silence.

She asked, Ye laoshi really took the initiative to ask questions about this, she really was very concerned about this problem.

What should be done, or tell her about it?

No, that way the Chunyue will be in danger!

However, I felt an invisible pressure from the teacher.

I started to worry about something else again, and if I didn't say it, would Ye's laoshi strangle me like this.

Then, there will be one more news like this tomorrow morning.

[Lily collage, teacher and female students commit suicide]

I don't want to kill myself. I do not want to die!

Yan Ye laoshi is terrible!

Why didn't I see the symptoms of the teacher's illness at first?

If I see the condition, I ...

Yan Ye's laoshi suddenly put her left hand on my waist, 一 a little, 一 slightly rose.

What she wants?

She didn't really try to strangle me right!

"It's just a misunderstanding!" Afraid, I'm in a hurry to explain.

After hearing my panicked words, Ye's laoshi left hand stopped.

Huu ~

I deliberately sighed with relief in my heart.

Then began to tell about the morning of my sister and me.

"When I had breakfast this morning, I accidentally put jam on my lips, and then ... she ... helped me by licking it." I explained the matter carefully, and then quietly saw the reaction of Yan Ye laoshi.

But I know ...... There is no reaction.

I'm even more confused.

She didn't try to find out how to kill my sister without being seen, right?

Or how to kill me and then commit suicide.

What to do, what to do.

Terrible, scary.

uh ...

"Qiuyue, take me to your house tonight?"

"Don't kill my sister!"


No, No, Yan Ye's laoshi will not be so careless, she must first plan something well, will kill during the Chunyue.

Does she have a plan?


"I only have this sister, and I forbid you to hurt her!"

"You ......" Yan Ye's laoshi loosened my arm, seriously looking at me, and with a soft, rare tone. "What are you thinking, I'm just curious about your sister, so I want to see it."

The gentle tone of Yan Ye's laoshi really gave me the feeling of bathing in the spring breeze. and finally with a little fun tone is to let me have a more relaxed and happy feeling.

I never thought that Ye's laoshi soft voice would be very good, no, I should have never dared to imagine that Yan Ye laoshi had a soft side.

"Really?" I was drunk by Ye's laoshi voice, when the dream woke up.

"Well ..." Yan Ye's laoshi eyes looked at me suddenly changed and became ... sharp.

"What about the wound on your neck?"

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