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Chapter 3 The Sky Dragon is a blow part 1
Posted by Baka no Aoi at 04 June 2019 15:13
Category: Phil

I went to the mountain path and there were two people there.
... Maybe I think they are human beings.

They walk like Phil and Jii-chan, and they wear clothes. There are some monkeys on this mountain, but the monkeys do not walk with two legs, and do not wear clothes.

And they don't have body hair, but have a lot of hair on their heads

".... If I say so, I have heard from Jii-chan."

I remember the words Jii-chan.

"An i am is an exception, but a man is basic, short hair, and the woman is long hair. Remember."

On the mountain road walked two people. Both wore long coats, but one had short hair and another had long hair

Maybe the shorter one is a guy.

Under the cover of the coat wearing armor. It was supposed that the man was also good at fighting, so he also had to have swords.

I thought I would be wary.

The other long-haired. It was a beautiful blonde like the sun shining in its gold color. Maybe that's a girl.

This one does not have armor, but her chest swell.
There may be something like a weapon that is hidden behind it.
In addition, the smell of flowers also comes from the woman, and it comes from humans.

I have also heard that there is a story that a woman is good at fighting in a fashionable way. There's also long hair like hairpins, and it's probably a fashionable woman.

It is possible to add danger to mountain friends this way.

I thought so, Phil would expel the traveler and start chants spells, but was in the process she stopping. I felt something was wrong.

Is the presence of shadows that attack two travelers.
The two nomads stare at the "Little Flying Dragon".
They was swinged by Wyvern, who had drifted over the sky and had no prey.
They was struck by Wyvern's body that degenerated from sky.

A Wyvern surprise, the traveler is dead. -Phil thinks so, but it's too much to surrender the traveler.
A short-haired man, a man pulls a sword from his waist and shoots him and cuts him. Later, he attacked Wyvern. 

A long-haired woman pronounces spells and throws Fireball magic.
The Flying Dragon skin is burning.
If that is their ability, they will be able to fight Wyvern and so on.
In fact, Wyvern was beaten by the man's sword.
Key points are stabbed with swords and die. 

"I see, the evil dragon that was hostile to Ojo-sama. You will make my sword rusty."

Hi, it's been a long time but I'm back now, the first chapter is already in fix but still there are words that still have to be fixed.
And this second chapter will be my part because I immediately translated it after retranslating the first chapter, so I feel tired.
To schedule I guess it will be irregular, but I will try it as soon as possible.
And for another series I'll drop it. I'll focus on this novel.
And also if you like this novel, please help me for the words you consider inappropriate so I can fix them.

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basketball legends
14 June 2019 16:45
Please keep updating more chapter. I can't wait to see you back

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