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Chapter 8 Slaves and Town Walks
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 09 April 2019 22:39
"... Goshujin-sama is already too strong." On the bed, Meirin complained to Claire while breathing roughly. However, that expression did not seem to attack. "I'm sorry ... Meirin is too cute. I'm relieved, because I haven't taken it for the first time." "Does Goshujin-sama like women?" "... Yes, that is true. I said that I was dead and came to this world, but before that I did not live as a hu... [Read more]
Chapter 7 - Registration ~ Adventure of Claire
Posted by Baka no Aoi in 02 January 2019 06:58
"I understand. I will submit the document later, so you will register for the search, so please fill in this form." The area offers two pieces of paper. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Registration form Name Age Level Use of skills Special Weapons ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... [Read more]
Chapter 6: First City "Solar City" In Meirin's guide, Claire came to the gate of the "Solar City". In front of the gate, people try enter the city to make a line. "Hey, Meirin, do I need to line up to this point for enter this city? " Claire was worried about what she would be make a line to enter the city and ask Meirin. Meirin did not break her calm expression. "This is to drive out ... [Read more]